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Resist the Obsession, Control the Compulsion – Find your Perfect Counselor

It’s like the un-locatable itch in your brain. Sometimes it is the very odd feeling that haunts your body, quite present but nowhere to be seen. Living with OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder is like living with a metaphorical itch in your body. It always urges you to scratch on the surface frantically and heavily but the itch doesn’t seem to go away, albeit it gets worse so long as you try to mitigate the irritation. It does not go away. A lot of experts claim that OCD is a lifetime struggle, to live with means your whole lifetime. And while that news is necessarily negative, living with an OCD does not have to define you. You should not allow being hampered and blocked by your very own disorder, instead, you need to make it as one of your strong feat – not a weakness.

One way to deal with something clinically messed up is to deal with it through professional guidance. In this case, you can face the day to day struggle of your OCD through a counselor. You can now battle with OCD through a different approach that actually helps and make you feel better. You do not need to suffer for it or under it, you can now turn your OCD into something manageable and tolerable. Do not allow yourself to be defeated by your own weaknesses, because then you give them the power to take over you. That is not the way it supposed to be. You have to find the best counseling therapy that sits well with you. Allow yourself to recover, if not live in better confine.

It is about time now that you scratch on the surface where the itch really lies. You need to finally find the cut to press where it hurts and where the itch is the most felt. You might not observe this or have noticed this with your behavior, but you have been actually avoiding to press the surface because you are afraid because you are too cautious to cause pain. As someone who lives inside the confinement of your constant, repetitive thinking, and torturous imagination you tend to avoid a solution – you tend to avoid everything at all. That is your default setting. That is your core mentality.

It’s about time to act bravely and find the best way to confront your disorder. It’s time now to know yourself better. You need to check yourself inside a counseling clinic and receive adequate and professional attention for your own sake. Do not let to be defined by your own fear and compulsion, you are never them. You are a person and not your disorder. You are someone with so much potential and not someone with too many fears and anxious thoughts. When you meet your counselor all these raging thoughts will subside. All these thoughts will be controllable and you can get by and live like everyone else. All you need is to allow yourself to go through counseling and resist the thinking.

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